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Frozen Daiquiri Flavors

High Octane! An Orange, Grain Alcohol & Vodka concoction. Topped with Diesel Fuel Grain Alcohol.

A taste of the Keys! 151, Raspberry Liqueur, Banana Liqueur & Tropical Juices. Topped with 151.

Walk On The Wild Side! Coffee Liqueur, Dark Créme De Cacao, Coconut & Cream. Topped with Coffee Liqueur.

You think the Electric Slide is fun! Coconut Rum, Créme De Banana, Irish Cream, Coconut Milk & Pineapple. Topped with Amaretto.

Sweet as a Georgia Peach! Topped with Southern Comfort.

A grape explosion! This Daiquiri Deck original has plenty of Grape, Grain Alcohol & Topped with Diesel Fuel Grain Alcohol.

Insanely tart! Citrus Vodka, Blue Curacao, & Lemon. Topped with Citrus Vodka.

From South of the border. Made with Tequila & Fresh Limes. Topped with Gold Tequila.

Sweet island flavors. Coconut Rum, Pineapple Juice & Coconut. Just like in the islands. Topped with Bacardi Light Rum.

Sweet mango & tropical juices. Mango Rum, Melon Liqueur & Blue Curacao combined for our most exotic flavors yet! Topped with Mango Rum.

The classic. Fresh Strawberries blended with Dark Rum & topped with Bacardi Light Rum.

“The other tasty berry” Topped with Kraken spiced rum 

Frozen Daiquiri Combinations

Mangorita: Our unique, Mango flavored Green Parrot combined with our already famous Margarita. Topped with Gold Tequila.

Grape Ape: This blend of Banana & Purple Haze would make any simian mother proud. Topped with Diesel Fuel Grain Alcohol.

Critical Condition: Jumpstart your heart with Deck Diesel & Purple Haze. Topped with Diesel Fuel Grain Alcohol.

Bango-Bango: Green Parrot & Banana blended to perfection, topped with Mango Rum.

Terminal Velocity: Electric Lemonade, Deck Diesel & Strawberry will have you spinning out of control! Topped with Bacardi Light Rum.

 Pain In The Ass: Especially for those who...well, you know. Piña Colada mix & Rum Runner. Topped with 151.

 The Swamp: Go Gators! UF fans will love this colorful combination of Deck Diesel & Electric Lemonade. Topped with Diesel Fuel Grain Alcohol.

 Mangolada: Even the peaches are jealous of this one. Green Parrot blends easily into Piña Colada for an out of this world island flavor. Topped with Mango Rum.

 Pain In The Bush: And you thought we were a pain in the ass...Rum Runner and Bushwacker combined...mmm! Topped with 151.

Kryptonite: Feel like superman? Stand up to this concoction of Electric Lemonade & Green Parrot with Grain Alcohol On Top.

Cadillac Margarita: Margarita & Deck Diesel for the "Cadillac of Margaritas". Topped with Gold Tequila.

Strawberry Shortcake: Sweetness! A Piña Colada & Strawberry blend. Topped with Spiced Rum.

Patriot Missile: An explosion of flavors & color with Electric Lemonade, Piña Colada & Strawberry. Topped with Bacardi Light Rum.

Decksickle: Piña Colada & Deck Diesel together make the perfect "Decksickle". Topped with Diesel Fuel Grain Alcohol.

Banana In The Bush: Put a bungle in your jungle by combining Bushwacker & Banana. Topped with Amaretto.

Mandango: Not for the weak of heart! Fruit flavors erupt from our combination of Green Parrot & Strawberry. Topped with Bacardi Light Rum.

Gazoo: The great one! Electric Lemonade & Purple Haze. Topped with Citrus Vodka.

Smurf: White & blue, sometimes sweet and sometimes sour, Piña Colada & Electric Lemonade. Topped with Citrus Vodka.

Monkeyberry: Don't "monkey around" with this one! Banana Slider & Strawberry. Topped with Amaretto.

Bowl of Fruit: Peach, Strawberry and Banana topped with Southern Comfort “Put it in your mouth!”

Voodoo Love Shake: My friend the witch doctor said, “put a spell on you!” It begins with a creamy mixture of Banana, Bushwacker & Piña Colada, then... Topped with Amaretto. 

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